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Starting with the phone ones I have since those tend to have less characters and are shorter.

Vampire Darling
Quick Description
Satsuki Narita is a bastard child, a human/vampire. His mother was human and would often give her life force to his father. Unfortunately, his mother died when Satsuki was still very young. Distraught and broken-hearted, his father took his own life, leaving Satsuki alone. Luckily, their kind neighbors took him in and raised him. When he was of age, he moved out and has since been living on his own with his beast partner, Bit. From there you meet the characters and interact with them simultaneously. Depending on the affection level, you determine the who you end up with. (Failure to get ANY one person's affection level up high enough ends in you choosing which bad ending you get. There's no other alternative.)

MC: Satsuki Narita (Name changeable)
Clay (Head of the Vampires "canon" route)
Shirou (Werewolf cutie, my favorite, childhood friend)
Lau/Tien (Vampire Hunter, huge asshole, gets better)
Alessio (Human, mafia boss, creepy fucker, also gets better)
Yuji (Human(?) fucking creepy as shit holy shit, idk if he gets better but Jesus is this guy a creep)
Bit (the bunny!! I want to fuck the bun dammit /;A;/)


All of the characters! (And the bun? Human version? idk but I WANT HIM) Starting from the bottom left and going clockwise:
Satsuki, Clay, Yuji, Bit(?), Alessio, Shirou, Lau

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Contract Marriage
Quick Description
Yuri is a regular office worker who has been living her uneventful life just fine. She's perfectly content with her normal life. Until one day she gets a call from her father. He informs her that his business has taken a hit and he is now in a 50 million yen debt. In order to help him out, Yuri looks around for a second job but somehow ends up getting roped up in a contract marriage. The tagline is "Would you enter into a contract marriage to get out of a 50 million yen debt?" From there, you get a choice as to where you start your job hunting. Depending on where you choose, you go down that route for the guy. Depending on the affection level, you can get access to special scenes, CGs and different endings. (I believe there's only two per guy. A normal one and a good one.)

MC: Yuri Mizuguchi (name changeable)
Souji Shirogane (my favorite, megane character, super serious, needs to marry in order to become the president of the family company, huge dweeb)
Touma Saji (kinda a dick, idol, freakin' cute looking jesus, he's a tsundere but gets better, in Shinobu's route you see how much of a fucking complex over that guy he has, it's pretty gay)
Shinobu Arima (the first guy I went for, what a prick, he has good reasons tho, tragic past, srsly tho he's the only one I've gone for so far so I know a bunch about him)
Kurosaki Ryo (randomly appears in extra parts of stories?? idk who this guy is yet, his route hasn't been put up yet, idk his name's on the character list, BUT HE'S GOING TO BE DATEABLE)
???? (idk there's one more dude in the picture, I've seen him pop up but have no idea who he is, probably will be dateable later, knowing this company, SUDDENLY NEW CHARACTER, HAVE FUN, thx)


Starting from the bottom left and going clockwise (the protag is in the middle, obvs):
Shinobu, Souji, Ryo, ???, Toma

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Office Lover
Quick Description
Ayano has been working for this clothing company. She's a secretary and good at what she does. Because of her excellent performance she's suddenly assigned to assist one of three guys. You get to choose who to go for. It's this huge cliche I can't fall in love with my boss bullshit. That's basically it.

MC: Ayano Kamiya (name changeable)
Kitazawa Omi (favorite character, he's kinda awkward, head designer, super cute, kinda serious, idk I like him)
Shiraishi Anri (it says Henri at the beginning but throughout the rest of the game it's Anri, he's French, he used to work at the French branch but came to Japan because he's super talented, super flirty, has a bunch of ladies after him, he's the sales strategy manager, you can always tell which route I've played because they have the biggest description)
Kagaya Go (creeper fuck, really good at what he does, actually belongs to another company but they're borrowing him???, idk, he's a dick tho, and super sexual, consultant of some kind)
Bartender dude (I forgot his name, but I like him a lot! And actually, I think he pops up in the next game I'm about to talk about, I think it's him, I don't remember, but he's so sweet /cries)
??? (oops I totally forgot his name, but he's some dude who likes the protag and goes on dates with her but gets super jealous about whoever you're going for, idk I kinda liked him but then he turned all yandere)
**Also!** Two girls in this one are like her friends or something? One in particular is. Not all that important but they exist.


From left to right:
Omi, Anri, Go

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Sweet Scandal
Quick Description
Megumi is a journalist who's been working for Queen Magazine published by Tiger Gates Edition for two years. Queen is famous for a particular article called "Total Coverage". As you can imagine, they do a huge article on famous dudes and basically go into depth about their personality and lives. They're huge on keeping everything real and only publishing the truth. It's been Megumi's dream to one day do the Total Coverage. And her lucky day has arrived!! The editor has come to her and asked if she'd be interested in doing it! Excitedly, she says yes!! And then you get to pick from three dudes who to do the coverage one and there's your route.

MC: Megumi Sakauchi (name changeable, ok, I need to gush about her for a second, she's so cute, and really excitable, and omg she's precious, and she tends to realize that she's fallen in love and gets all cute about it aaah)
Misato Yusuke (tennis player, super fucking cute, tsundere type, I CAN'T HANDLE HIM, HE MIGHT BE MY FAVORITE? IDK YET, he's so cute aadkfhaosdfjidf, CRYING, he's a hardworker and I want to die when he gets embarrassed about things, tragic past)
Amasawa Kaito (novelist, two-faced asshole, he acts all nice and shit but he's actually a prick, DON'T LET HIS ADORABLE SMILE FOOL YOU, fucker)
Horai Itsuki (photographer, he's pretty fucking cute too, swoon, what a gentleman tho, gosh he's such a great guy, he might be my actual fave???, idk, his route just got released like last month, BUT AUGH HE'S SO GREAT, manly dude, ;w;/)
Bartender dude (again!! see above)
Shii (the editor for the magazine you work for, I fucking love this guy, WHY CAN'T I DATE HIM!?!?!?!? I'M SO UPSET, he's a hard worker and great editor, and super nice, kinda intimidating, but still really fucking nice)
**Also!** This protag also gets friends! Two of her coworkers will randomly appear while she's in the office, they're pretty cute


Starting from the bottom left going clockwise:
Misato, Horai, Amasawa

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Starstruck Love
Quick Description
Hatsuka's parents suddenly die, leaving her with a mountain of debts to pay off. She's desperately trying to work through her grief when her kind neighbor who she's known all her life decides to help. Toji Jonouchi then adopts Hatsuka and pays off all her debts, he's the CEO of a major entertainment company and has no problem helping Hatsuka out. Despite this, Hatsuka promises to repay him for all that he has done for her. She convinces him to let her work for his company as a pop star. She now lives in a huge mansion with a big room all to herself, along with three new brothers, one of which is her childhood friend. All three of them are also part of an insanely popular pop group! Yadda yadda yadda, you start working and love happens. This one is different from the rest in that, you don't pick a route for a single guy like in all of the rest of these (minus Vampire Darling). You have two routes to choose from, in these two routes you'll be going for two guys at the same time and shenanigans happen.

MC: Hatsuka (pop star name: Hazuki) Jonouchi (the first name is changeable, the pop star name is not....I don't think so at least... she's an oblivious as fuck child omg)
Shion Jonouchi (I think he's gonna end up being my favorite, he's the oldest, kind big brother type, reliable, a bit of a worrywart)
Ryo Jonouchi (fucking asshole, yandere little shit, gah he's so fucking creeper!!, super possessive, jfc I can't handle this guy)
Toma Jonouchi (youngest, childhood best friend, quiet brooding type, idk what his deal is)
Ryusei Akesato (really cool pop star dude you meet!!, notice me senpai, so fucking sweet aaaah, no he's a sweetheart you don't understand, he's so cute, i want to pat this one on the head, precious child, if Shion isn't my fave, this one is, also SPOILERS: he might be an illegitimate child ~drama~)
Butler...dude (dammit what was his name, idk, he's pretty chill, worries about you, cockblocks Ryusei a couple times lmao)
Toji Jonouchi (hi dad!)
**Also!!** There's a girl in this one who just kinda hangs around. She's super obsessed with Toma and only ever talks about him, even the MC gets annoyed with it. But she's pretty chill as long as you don't go for Toma. She even looks out for you when some rumors go around that you're dating Ryo.


Starting from the bottom left going clockwise:
Ryo, Ryusei, Toma, Shion

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Arabian Nights Love Story
Quick Description
Sara has been a nurse at a hospital for 3 years. She enjoys her life there and loves her job, describing it as "fulfilling". One day, while seeing one of her patients off since he was being discharged that day. He gave her a present as a thank you for looking after him all this time. It just so happens to be a lamp. Sara comments on how it looks like one of those magic lamps and Fujishima (her patient) laughs and says it does!! But he tried rubbing it already and nothing happened. They laugh and leave. When Sara makes it home, she gets excited to try out her new lamp and is planning on using it for some aromatherapy when she notices a smudge. She tries to wipe it clean with her sleeve when suddenly WHOA, HI, BEING SUCKED INTO THE LAMP WTF???? When she wakes up she's in some weird place she doesn't know. And then the game starts.

MC: Sara Kimoto (name changeable, she's actually pretty sweet, aawww)
Assad (prince dude!, he's pretty angry all the time, but secretly nice, really noble, cares about his country, and his baby brother awww, puts the needs of his people/brother over his own)
Sinbad (idk much about him just yet but he's pretty cool, kinda scary at first)
Alibaba (super chill dude, I like him a lot, again idk much about this one)
Kais (??? idk he's popped up twice for me, he's cute tho, a bit of a dick, plays an instrument, has a pet parrot, tsundere(?) TECHNICALLY SHOULD BE IN THE UNDATEABLE CATEGORY, but I'm pretty sure he's gonna get a route soon, he just doesn't have one rn)
Ok, there's four characters and I can't remember their names rn because I had to switch over to a new phone and all of my data had to be reset (booooo) but they're pretty cool from what I've seen so far. They're all pretty sweet. Except for one who's a total flirt and vaguely bisexual? And one that you start living with if you do Assad's route who is vaguely gay? IDK THEY'RE COOL


The MCs are labeled for convenience, alas the others are not.

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